Monday, February 28, 2011

Glimpse into Writer's Life of Talented Jessica Kristie

I welcomed the opportunity to interview the lovely lady and talented poet, Jess Kristie.  With her poetry, Ms. Kristie weaves with emotions and words tapestries both beautiful and timeless.  Once acquainted with Ms. Kristie on, she fast became friend and loyal supporter. 

You can find and follow her on @jesskristie.  As well, learn more of this amazing lady on her homepage,

In her own words, Ms. Kristie was ". . .born and raised in the California Bay Area, Jessica discovered her passion to write at the young age of ten. She regurgitates her heart and mind, sometimes in structure and sometimes in free flow, as a way to heal and understand herself and those around her."

So walk with us as we all learn a lot about Ms. Kristie's life as a writer and a little of her upcoming collected works, Dreaming in Darkness.

* * *

You've been writing many years. Have there been lapses in your writing years when you'd not write for long periods? Or have you always wrote steadily?

I wish that I could say that I have gone my entire life writing without interruption. Life has gotten in the way too many times to have that be the case. I wrote a lot when I was really young, then again when I was in High School. I took a break for a while as I was getting nestled into being a mom and my world in general was changing. Over the last five years or so it has been pretty steady with my most active writing in the last two years.

When you write, do you find ambiance beneficial? what types of background music, lighting, etc. . .do you find aid your creative flow and focus? And when is your best time of the day creatively?

Ambiance is key. Feeling relaxed and safe to let out your emotions tends to help tempt the muse from hiding. Music plays a big role in my inspiration. Later at night when my house is quiet always helps bring the inspiration.

What other artistic talents / endeavors, if any, do you engage yourself in? Then outside of the arists' realm, how does Jess fill her day?

I love to sing. I sang in my church choir for many years. I never excelled in that area so I didn't pursue it any further than just for my own self enjoyment. I have a creative spirit so I find interest in art and have tried my hand at painting. I really enjoy that as well, but again only as a hobby.

Of your reading interests, what genres and writers are so fortunate to draw your attentions.

In this day and age I find myself reading way less books. I do find that sad but I know I need to embrace it. I spend lots of time reading others blogs, poetry, and creative works. I was recently introduced to a wonderful poet Sharon Olds who I am currently reading and just purchased Adam Dustus's book "High School Asylum" and Maureen Doallas's poety compilation “Neruda’s Memoirs.” All of these I have on my kindle app and read when I have a chance. I also enjoy my old school favorites Pablo Neruda and Maya Angelou.

How have Twitter and Facebook enhanced or retarded your writing endeavors?

I can't say enough how much Twitter has enhanced my life. Changed it really. Given me new paths and directions, new friends, and a wonderful new community that is loving and welcoming. I just recently got into Facebook in regards to my book PR, and it is a little slower of a growing community than Twitter. I feel they both have a huge value in getting your writing out there.

Prose poetry is near a lost art. how'd you get started with it?

Prose poetry happened by accident. I had written a piece that came out as poetic verse. It was VERY well received and at that moment I felt I had found my niche. I have worked hard to hone that skill and now enjoy writing in prose poetry. My second book will be a collection of prose poetry and poems that will all be connected and tell a story.

Is your upcoming collection, "Dreaming in Darkness," a single theme oriented? or a patchwork quilt of themes / topics / emotions?

Dreaming in Darkness is a volume of many pieces of my poetry that span all different types of themes and emotions. A patchwork is a great way to describe it. It tells many tales of raw human emotion. As mentioned above, my second book will be more themed focus and tell more of one story. Dreaming in Darkness tells many stories, ones that I hope each of my readers will find a deep connection to.

Ms. Kristie's newest collection will be out in March 2011. Her work comes out first in ebook then in paperback through Willow Moon Publishing.

She wants to "Share the passion and anguish, the acceptance and regret that life imposes. . ." 

Watch for her collective works and let her take you on a magic carpet ride of emotions.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Royal Guardian (for One Stop Poetry's One Shoot Sunday)

The Royal sits where it has for nigh on a hundred years.  The sentries, those guardian keys, keep silent secret fears.  Its case bears scars of writer's blood, stained with dreams and tears.  It holds the final sheet of paper from some long-forgotten ream, and keeps it well for someday it would tell a writer's fancied dream.  Its limbs--its lever, keys and knobs--stiff with age--disuse--await a loved one's oiled kiss like passion returns life.

What tales that Royal Guardian told so many years ago.  What tales it'd tell again for bold, creative fingers.  Yet passed by for backspace keys and ghostly words on screens, bare hints of writers' former pleas to coax a story to life.  And still it faithful sits at ready. . .perchance one day. . .

Monty Wheeler

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Story in Limerick (Fun fer OneShotWednesday post)

There was an old man living here;
He was bald and sun burn his fear;
He stayed in his house,
Lived like a mouse,
On cheese and tainted rootbeer.

There was an old gal who lived there;
She'd marry a man who had hair.
They shaved their heads,
Hid under their beds,
Because she'd drink without care.

The old man who lived here with Fred
Escaped by shaving his head,
Until the day
He went to play
With nubbins of hairs that weren't dead

The old gal who lived there drunk on her beer
Saw nubbins instead of no hair.
She fell in love,
Raised stick above
Her head and whacked him above ear.

He fell to the walk; she drug him away
By his head to her home where he'd stay.
He still abides there
In her beer stench lair
Where she keeps him well to this day.

                         --Monty Wheeler