Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Story in Limerick (Fun fer OneShotWednesday post)

There was an old man living here;
He was bald and sun burn his fear;
He stayed in his house,
Lived like a mouse,
On cheese and tainted rootbeer.

There was an old gal who lived there;
She'd marry a man who had hair.
They shaved their heads,
Hid under their beds,
Because she'd drink without care.

The old man who lived here with Fred
Escaped by shaving his head,
Until the day
He went to play
With nubbins of hairs that weren't dead

The old gal who lived there drunk on her beer
Saw nubbins instead of no hair.
She fell in love,
Raised stick above
Her head and whacked him above ear.

He fell to the walk; she drug him away
By his head to her home where he'd stay.
He still abides there
In her beer stench lair
Where she keeps him well to this day.

                         --Monty Wheeler


  1. haha...this is fabulous fun...sounds a bit like caveman love...

  2. I lived in Germany for a few years in the late seventies... reminded me of my landlord. Great memories and laughs. BTW - Wonderful One Shot :-)

  3. This is hilarious. Told ya Monty your great ;)

  4. Ha! Love it. Thanks for make me laugh, Monty :)

  5. This was fun. I'm just glad I didn't have to answer which one dyed his hair.

  6. Never abort. The baby is playful, amusing, will grow up to do stand up comedy and have a late night talk show! You're the best dude!

  7. Morbid! Fascinating! Good read!

  8. I love your poems because they are clever, well-written and musical. This one is so fun and I tried to picture you playing a banjo while singing its lines. lol

    Always miss you around, Monty. <3

    Kiss you.

  9. LOL...creepy town. For some reason I started thinking of Beowolf...except not quite so heroic. Good one :)

  10. lol - i like your sense of humour!

  11. Much more interesting than the tales of my drunkeness. A fun read.

  12. I usually don't read limericks, but this was enjoyable. :)

  13. So next up - Limerick mon ami!!!

    thanks for all your help
    so appreciated

  14. Love this! To each their own. (Hugs)Indigo

  15. ha! great one, monty...poor bastard (the guy in your limmerick, not you)..lol!

  16. Such fun. You are one of a kind, love it!

  17. ha! Thanks, Monty: I needed that smile :)

  18. The man he got out one fine day
    Well, as far as a bar
    near where she stayed
    she came club in hand
    Her marriage all planned
    Hell no way, she's
    Gonna be an old maid
    they argued & babbled about
    Fueled by gallons & gallons
    of stout
    neithers logic was clear
    Clouded by bottles of beer
    but in the end with her club
    she won out.

    Liked this romance a lot.