Saturday, May 4, 2013


*dark’s the place I wander in;
walk where stark reality’s thin
and darkness lights the fears within*


“Come nigh, My Pretty; bow to me,
“And give me of sweet misery,
“For on your tears, I feed, you see;
“Now come, My Pretty, cry for me.

“And bleed for me; I’ve want to hear
“Your silent screams of agony.
“And run away, but you’ll come back
“To know me more in secrecy.

“Now come dark angels in the wind;
“You’re naught but carrion;
“Into the depths of Hell, they’ll bring
“Your fears I’ll always feed upon.

“Come nigh, My Pretty, don’t you see
“I’ve need; I’ve set my hunger free
“To roam within your soul’s dark place
“And eat of your last sanity.”

                        --Monty Wheeler


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