Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Walk gentle under cobalt skies of night
As July’s stars caress, and moon’s soft kiss
Lay bare two hearts that ne’er shall want to miss
God’s angels bound for Heaven’s Gate in flight.

Lay gentle down in verdant fields of green,
And while the dim, soft light of Kissing Moon
Hides not the scents, it leaves sweet hues unseen;
Hold my hand, for dawn comes all too soon.

Caressed by cobalt skies of night’s undress,
We’ll whisper like two children hiding here,
While angels sing off key but just to us,
And ere I’ll watch for you to shed one tear.

Rage, rage against the coming of the dawn;
This moment burns with July’s rising sun.

                                    --Monty Wheeler

1 comment:

  1. don't get caught by the rising of dawn...
    And you told me once that you didn't write romance

    Congrats on Along a Dark Path