Sunday, December 22, 2013


I’m but a manger made of wood,
Inanimate object—misunderstood—
I’d feed the lowly beasts of burden,
Yet I’ve done more. . .I knew I could.

They said, “Manger, manger, shall you keep
“The Baby Jesus in His sleep,
“Warm Him in your earthen scents
“So Mother Mary shall not weep!”

My ancient wood, the grain, the hay
Would comfort Him until the day
When sunshine warms the newborn’s face
And they will take Him far away.

They called on me, said, “Manger, manger!
“Keep this child from want and danger;
For He’s the one, the Great Messiah;
“Hide him from King Herod’s anger!”

One moment caught in endless time,
One task they’d ask that’s so sublime.
I, Manger held the Baby Jesus
And watched the Star of Bethlehem’s climb.

                                --Monty Wheeler

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