Saturday, March 5, 2016


Of lovers’ fights she thinks at night
And ponders on her own sad plight;
She walks the way shunned lovers will
When given naught to love but still
From loving him, her heart shan’t sway,
But lonely lives both night and day.

In love or lust the swoon’s the same,
The flutter’d heart, the whispered name,
But one shall die when passion’s fire
Would rage to ash, leave naught but ire
In lovers’ fights and wants to stray,
Then lonely lives both night and day.

She walks along the shore and sand,
Wondering why he cheated and
What’s a jilted lover do?
An angry sea of storm-tossed blue
Invites her but she stops to pray
For lonely living night and day.

                        --Monty Wheeler

*a varied refrain in the Stave Stanza where sestets built of couplets use the last line for refrain.

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