Thursday, July 28, 2016


Let’s solve the problem of race wars
With a grammar rule.
Now come with me for a moment;
We’re going back to school.

A noun can only be a thing,
A person, or a place;
An adjective that walks with it
Will give the noun its face.

The adjective rules o’er it mate
And identity,
So I put limits on myself
By describing me.

If I say “white” to modify
The Christian as the noun,
I limit and define my God
By some earthly crown.

But I—by the blood He shed for us—
Am my Father’s own.
Thus I put the Christian first
And followed by skin tone.

Let Christian be the adjective
Defining any race,
We would see a new world peace
Sans bigotry’s disgrace.

And think, ye friends of many colors,
We all are equal souls,
And all lives matter in a time
When God holds all controls.

We’ll be the nouns of every color
With a Christian adjective
That well defines and shapes us all
In Grace that’s His to give.

                        --Monty Wheeler

*This piece comes as inspiration from a pastor in Texas and his sermon I happened to hear on the radio while driving. I missed his name and I out-distanced the signal before the end of the sermon but I love his message in its pure simplicity.  I can only hope I got it right.*

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