Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Trapped in a glass or pinned to a board,
Their beauty was something we thought we could hoard.
We laughed, we “Ooohh’d,” we “Ahhh’d,” with such wonder,
And never once thought God’s beauty ain’t plunder.

And only God’s best would do for our chest
Of treasures killed and pinned through the breast.
Ne’er once did they tell us it might be a sin;
The next afternoon, we’d do it again.

The lesson we learned was God’s humble Earth
Was ours to abuse for our own devil’s mirth.
How long can we use God’s world for our pleasure?
I think it’s in days not decades of measure.

                                               --Monty Wheeler

Written gratefully for NWCU's Wednesday Wake-up call


  1. Goosebumps over your final line Monty! SO true! I can remember being a child and being surrounded by butterflies of every colour and size...these days, I get so excited if I get the opportunity to spot even one for but a second. Great words, dear Poet...and thanks kindly for playing along.

  2. Excellent, I love it.....and I so agree with Natasha's comment. I love butterflies, dragonflies and hummingbirds... DorthaKay Brown

  3. I also think our time's measured in mere days. This is a terrific poem, the beauty of morality exposed via contrast. I <3 this!

    1. Brilliant Monty those last lines I so agree - remember seeing those butterflies pinned to them frames and even hung on walls - rare breeds -n is it any wonder so much is extinct - fabulous write Monty - Lib

  4. Oh my those last few words are scary...our time is measured in days not decades. I hated seeing those displays of pinned butterflies..something too sad about it. Great write!!

  5. nice....there is a nice subtle environmental message in this...and respecting what we have been me some beautiful and delicate....

  6. Outstanding verse. Strong message here amidst the imagery. Great read. Thanks

  7. Nice write Monty!

    "How long can we use God’s world for our pleasure?
    I think it’s in days not decades of measure."

    "The moving finger writes, then moves on." Kahlil Gibran!

    Roger ☺