Monday, October 1, 2012


My response to NWCU's Wednesday Wakeup

The challenge: use the listed items "yellow, blue, green, lilacs, a child, peace, a triangle" in a work

We buried her this very day,
a flower child,
survivor of The Sixties fray.

And with fresh lilacs in her hair—
a scent that’s mild—
she rests in peace right over there.

Now God’s triangle mourns for her—
three colored gild
of yellow, blue, and green allure.

The yellow of the blazing sun—
eternal, wild—
seduces sky’s pure blue, soft tone.

They make green grass. . .her blanket’s hue.
The verdant field
will mourn the child of nature too.

Each dawn, in dew, the grass will cry—
grief unbeguilded—
over her unseeing eye.

                          --Monty Wheeler

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