Wednesday, July 25, 2012


*My response to NWCU's current Wednesday Wake-up Call

Freedom is the Night,
and cloaked in stillness,
let Her quiet calm you, Troubled One;
now let Night sing
deep inside your worried mind.

Lay bare your flesh;
She’ll soft caress
life’s purple bruises—

And in the night,
Sweet Baby,
Let Darkness wrap around you,
and you—both sore afraid of the world out there
and the dreams inside yourself—
emerge as if from a cacoon. . .
it’s okay;
Darkness hides you well away
from those who’d but condemn
your intimate discoveries.

With eyes tight closed,
hear music in Night’s breeze—
and dance, for none are watching.

The stars are yours for touching;
let not another dawn find your fears
of both the world out there
and the dreams inside yourself.

So dream, Sweet Baby,
as Darkness holds you in her spell.
and feel your soul kiss Night’s air;
let her carry you from here
in slumber’s sweet, refreshing bliss.

Now sleep, my baby,
sleep. . . 
perchance to dream.


  1. I definately enjoyed this Monty!And what an exquisite way to start out your poem:

    "Freedom is the night cloaked in perfect stillness..."

    Love the 'feel' of this and "Exhale. . .and feel your soul kiss
    Night’s chill air..."

    You are indeed a craftsman Monty...let the flow continue...

    Roger ☺

  2. "Let Darkness, soft, caress your life’s purple bruises,"

    This is so soft and lovely. I want to get lost inside of this! Beautiful, Monty!

  3. I love this, so lyrical, great write.

  4. Beautiful Monty "Let Darkness kiss your fears away" This has such meaning to me. Often my fears get sunburned into my spirit in daylight. I need the soothing balm of night to heal.