Wednesday, July 18, 2012


She stood with arms raised high
In morning’s gentle hue.
Not a ghost in white at night
But midnight’s sable blue.

Her nameless face and faceless name
Gave curiosity’s rise.
Why’d she visit me this day?
Appear before my eyes?

She stood as still as statues will,
A specter thin as glass.
I covered my head, curled up in bed,
Thinking this would pass.

When next I dared to open an eye
And peek at her again,
She stood as silent sentinels do,
Ne’er moved from where she’d been.

What then came forth from trembling lips
Seemed but what a fool will do:
I’d dare not ask her “who?” or “why?”
I babbled out, “You’re blue.”

As sun rose higher in the sky,
And poured its warmth on me,
As sunlight twinkled through her hue,
She told my fate to be.

T’was of the faceless ghost I heard
Her voice inside my head.
T’was not her voice but her sharp words
That filled my heart with dread.

“Tis fool who thinks at night He feasts,
“To think Death has no day,
“Enjoy the last sunshine you'll know:
“I’ve come to claim His prey.”

I rose and crossed the room to touch
The glass-like wraith of blue.
Cold, she was. . .”Unfeeling bitch!”
She chilled me through and through.

“Come what may, you’re His today
“You’ll die a violent death.
“Your nights are ended; days are done;
“Prepare for your last breath!”

I smelled it first, the tell-tale smoke
That wafted to my room.
It grew and spread until was naught
But choking on gray doom.

The flames burst through my bedroom door,
A crackling fiery Hell.
The window beckoned me to come
Ten stories I would fall.

I perched upon the window’s sill
Like some pigeon’s roost.
To burn or jump, no options left.
She moved, and I was pushed. . .

                                    --Monty Wheeler

I give my thanks to those at NWCU
  and Angie for her glass works of art


  1. MONTY!!! You need an awesome reaction button! This is outstanding...way to run with that Blue Goddess...brilliance has been prompted today :) You and Beth both have made my day...thank you so much for your support of our little prompt, and for the wonderful piece of work that was prompted. Congratulations Winter Goose Author! :)

  2. Excellent! I love where the prompt led you. A true pleasure to experience.