Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is There a Santa Claus? (in terza rima)

"Hurry!  Run!  He's over there! It's Santa Claus!"
"Fools," an old man said with nose crooked bent
"Forget those notions.  Silly oooo's and awww's."

Beth stared at him, the foolish man with mean glint
In his cross-eyed look. She wanted to say--
But didn't dare, "You're such a mean old gent."

Instead she said, "But Santa's here today."
She felt it true and said without a doubt,
"You're so mean I bet Santa don't play

"On your roof. You're a goofy old lout!"
His smile left fast; she'd said too much.
He looked like a brat with silly old pout.

Then Santa stood behind her, reached to clutch
Her shoulder with one huge callused hand.
"Don't pay him no mind, don't listen to such.

"I'm as real as you make me in innocent glee,
"I'm as real to you as you are to me."


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