Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's Resolutions (Every Year's the Same)

How many years have I made a plan?
Many I believe.
Once more the lie is writ upon my face.

With pen in hand, I know I can
Write the list to decieve
Myself. The resolutions' space!

I am a pillar for one day's span,
That's long as I achieve
The new year's goals before disgrace.

By year's day two, resolve has ran
Its course, and how I grieve
My lack of willpower in this case.



  1. I think sometimes you may make day two.
    Nicely written M and too true
    Rime Couee???
    So glad you made it - hopefully you didn't get any scrapes coming in.

    moonie smiles

  2. I decided not to tie myself to any resolutions for the year to come. I haven't of course fulfilled my past resolutions, I must say, for the record, I have tried!

    I'll let 2011 surprise me each and every day. =)



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    Happy 2011,
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