Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Salad Can Be Fun

Lettace green, crisp as winter's ice,
Green onions, now chop 'em nice.
Carrots're matchstick. Just toss 'em in.
The start of color, rich as sin.

We've orange and tainted-white green,
We need some red. Somebody seen
Those damn lil raddishs? Where'd they go?
Easy now, slice 'em up slow.

Grab that celery; we need the crunch.
Oh come on, Dear, cut up a bunch.
I think we need some sweet like you.
That red delicious apple just might do.

Grab the sprouts, I'll grate the cheese.
We'll top this thing off with ease.
Now where's the dressing? Ready to eat.
Forgot? The store's two blocks, ya best beat feet.


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