Monday, November 26, 2012


The gull takes flight and yet the ground
Sure holds his shadow’s black.
I live to think that when we’re gone
Our shadows will come back.

I love to think our shadows mirror
Our souls forever tied
Slow walk with me and hold my hand;
Our shadows must abide.

Comes nigh the day for some short while
One will walk alone;
Yet I’d believe our shadows will
Forever walk as one.

For shadows feel no pain or death,
And shadows know no fear.
As long as sun will warm the earth
Our shadows will be here.

I’d ask but one, a single vow;
When I’m laid to rest,
Hold out your hand to find my shadow
Next to you is cast.

                                 --Monty Wheeler


  1. Monty, I love thinking that our shadows will continue here as long as the sun warms the earth. What a beautiful poem. You are so gifted with rhyme. I struggle so with it. I feel like I am pushing my mind through mud.

  2. Evocative and wonderfully expressed. Thanks so much for finding such inspiration in my photo. I love this poem. I also wrote about death & shadows. Here's the link if you'd like to read it: Thanks again, James.

  3. Beautiful poem . What a gift you have..

  4. Such a lovely expression of "forever" love. Beautiful, Monty.