Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Once again it's Wednesday morn and time for a NWCU wake up call

Tis morning, and the moon still rides blue sky;
There’s magic in that white, nocturnal moon,
Ye, moon, refuse to fade, refuse to die!

If myth and mystic tell no lie, I’ll soon
Go moonstruck. . .stark insanity; I’ll hear
The breath of angels and the earth’s soft tune.

And if the slightly twisted eye I bear
Disturbs you in some awkward way, it should;
For Daytime Moon has cast its spell.  Beware. . .

The crazed romantic in my soul I would
Forever hide, the moon has understood

                                    --Monty Wheeler


  1. Wonderful Monty! You've got the rhyme spot just helps the poem flow nicely.

    My fav line:
    "There’s magic in that white, nocturnal moon,"

    Yes there is magic in it and in your words. Love the ending too.

  2. We've both got the magic in our words this week Monty! Just a brilliant, flawless waking up with you! :)

  3. The magic of a daylight the rhyme...what a wonderful way to greet the morning.

  4. Gazing at the daylight moon...the beginning of that lunatic insanity that lies deep within, for me, the very beginning of poetry... In ancient times being touched by the spell of the Moon was considered as a rare blessing. I have been moonstruck too, so many times... :) Your words paint that feeling so vividly...

  5. Well of course the moon understands...
    Well written Monty - can you stay sane a bit longer?