Monday, December 3, 2012


it's snapshot sunday day at NWCU and here's my dark response

The sun drew back, glowed callused black today,
And left this world in muted shades of gray,
Its heart used up by mankind’s selfish way.

It cast dark eyes upon a once-clean sea,
Now spoiled with a thousand years’ debris.
How great is man?  This is his legacy.

They’d say perhaps the ozone layer’s gone;
They’d say perchance the sun is almost done;
They’d say our world’s been too much put upon.

Man walks a poisoned earth; it’s by his hand;
The sun’s grown simply tired of warming land
That’s given all; yet, greater we’d demand.

The sun drew back, glowed cold, dark black today;
No greater truth than, “Nothing gold can stay.”
And black’s the color of our sun’s last ray.

                                               --Monty Wheeler
My thanks to friend Leslie at NWCU for use of her work with negatives to such delightful effect

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