Wednesday, December 12, 2012


my response to NWCU's wonderful prompt of night and darkness


Romance the Night, yet fear the Dark.
A full-moon’d Night ignites a spark
Of heat and lust in loins and heart.

But still. . .when Cloud will hide Night’s moon,
When stars don’t shine in sable hue,
When Night goes dark, the demons start
To taunt the soul and terror soon
Grips the hearts and chills souls through.

Romance the Night, yet fear the Dark;
Just let Night’s moon dare hide its face,
Give evil Dark its jealous place
Where Satan’s imps will rock and roll
And lost ones’ ghosts will walk there too.

Ah, to walk amidst Night’s glow
Instead of Darkness where I go,
And let the Devil take his toll;
I rage against the dying light
That gives to fear and lives for fright.
Romance God’s Night, yet fear the Dark;
And yet, there’s naught that I might do
But ask for guidance—moon’s soft hue.
In Night, there’s angels’ song to hark,
But since the moon and stars aren’t mine
(For God will ever own the Night
And its dim light down paths unknown.)
I’d ask, for me, His Love will shine
And guide each humbled step I’d take
Along Night’s rocky roads that make
Me trip and stumble, walk again
Through Dark’s inevitable sin.

                                    --Monty Wheeler


  1. Oh we need diving guidance to not get trapped in what might tempt us to do that which should not be done...great piece Monty.

  2. I love the way you have bounced of Dylan Thomas - this is so beautifully crafted

  3. Just fantastic Monty! I knew you'd like this one :) And again...LOVE the cover for your upcoming release...can't wait to have it to curl up with! :)

  4. Monty, great piece. Love the opening line repetition, especially with the tweaking you do to it as the piece moves forward. Very cool lines in this one. As usual, an awesome response to the #WWUC prompt. Thanks

  5. Dylan Thomas and others whisper in your poem as they must in even the darkest night. Interesting dichotomy you make of night and dark, and where sin might hide.

  6. Yes indeed, I too am impressed with New World Creative Union.

    ... and with your poem. I've read it over several times now. You have risen above the challenge. So well done in every respect: the balance of light and dark, terror and acceptance. Masterful.

    Jamie Dedes