Thursday, December 6, 2012


My response to NWCU's Wednesday Wake-up and a trip back to 1999
Nineteen ninety nine and at year’s end,
We sat and waited for the world to send
Economies and destinies to Hell;
Three zeros in the coming year would fell—
Like the mighty walls of Jericho—
The digital world we’d come to love and know.

The Wall Street icon would surely crash again;
The banks and governments would all cave in;
So long, there’d been two digits in our year.
Why would just two more generate such fear?
Oh, how our logic screamed, “You Fool!
“They saw this back when you were still in school!”

And yet, we sat where we were at and thought,
Until by midnight we were so distraught,
We felt those pins and needles in our chairs;
And yet those zeros came. . .as did more years

                                                --Monty Wheeler


  1. And the band played on. There was such as sensation of being on the titanic, as if it had been such a mistake to attach ourselves to something going down, down. I wonder why we didn't decide to end our technical take on the future right then and there?

  2. Yes, there was much fear of what all those zeros would captured the feeling marvelously.

  3. Great post on all that could but didn't.

  4. Wonder what December 21st will bring? Seems we're only really living if we're waiting on the world to brought me some smiles with this one Monty (I was a little over zealous) but still...I am not ashamed! ;)

  5. More years are coming and with them come more pins and needles... :) they are always there, and we never stop feeling them. Mortals always liked expiration dates :) the thrill of an end that comes closer and closer. I love the atmosphere in this. Great canvas.