Tuesday, November 11, 2014


What bonds mankind to animal
But perfect love that none might break,
Two unlike creatures’ hearts can make
A kinship more than bestial.

Perchance that perfect love between
Two beings not of like and kind
Transcends the logic of the mind
And ere remains pure white—pristine.

So might that beast mankind would love
Wish how much like man he’d be?

And I would wish the same, you see,
When I would look Toward God above.
I would be the four-pawed beast
With gaze upon my master’s face;
Beside God’s throne I’d find my place,
And in my eyes, He’d read, “I’m blessed.”

My God, I pray, grant me that bond,
Imperfect creature that I am,
Through Jesus Christ, The Holy Lamb
Take me to what will lie beyond.

                     --Monty Wheeler

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