Monday, November 17, 2014


Yea, I walk through The Valley of the Shadow
With burning foot upon the hostile land,
A traveler protected by God’s hand,
I keep my eye on God’s eternal meadow.

Those times I feel so lost and God-forsaken
Surrounded by the blazing fires of Hell
That sweet temptation’s bellows tend so well,
My faith feels weak, so easily shaken.

Yea, I walk through The Valley of Despair,
Where stalks the devil’s beast that would consume
What Jesus grants in rising from that tomb;
I know my God walks always with me there.

I keep my eye upon my God’s green meadow,
Firm in my conviction Jesus saves.
He’ll release the devil’s sin-bound slaves
And walk with me through valleys of The Shadow.

God’s promise that He’ll walk that path with me,
Then carry me when I would balk in fear,
Consoles when I would salt the land with tear;
He is The Way, The Truth, The Light I see.

Yea, I walk through The Valley of the Shadow,
I walk toward God’s promise of green meadow.

                                  --Monty Wheeler